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Truextent BeX™ Diaphragm Assemblies

Truextent BeX™ Diaphragm Assemblies

Materion Electrofusion is pleased to introduce our new Truextent® BeX™ family of compression driver diaphragm assemblies.  All Truextent BeX Diaphragms are designed with:

  • Aluminum wire edge wound voice coils
  • Hot-formed Truextent genuine beryllium domes
  • PEEK polymer surrounds

These compression driver diaphragm assemblies deliver exceptional power handling, high sensitivity, near-zero ringing and distortion and the clarity of sound you demand.


Available in 8Ω and 16Ω impedances, the BeX4000 series fits a variety of JBL and Radian compression drivers. The BeX features a genuine beryllium dome to reduce mass and ensure unmatched rigidity, a PEEK polymer surround to exend low frequency performance and an aluminum edgewound voice coil with beryllium-copper lead outs. 



The next-generation BeX4000 series delivers more sensitivity and better overall frequency response than ever before.  With higher highs, lower lows and greater sensitivity, you can achieve the ultimate in clarity of sound.



Due to beryllium's unique physical properties of stiffness and damping, the BeX4000 series eliminates the ringing and distortion common with other dome materials.

Compatibility Guide

The BeX precision diaphragm is engineered to fit a variety of JBL and Radian compression drivers.

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 For more information about Materion Electrofusion’s Truextent BeX Diaphragm, or how to order Truextent BeX for your high performance applications, please contact Materion Electrofusion today.