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Materion Technical Materials Alloy Performance Guide and Capabilities

CHART FOOTNOTES 1 Lbs. per cubic inch 68 o F annealed 2 Elastic modulus in tension x 106 P.S.I. 3 IACS at 68o F annealed 4 BTU per foot per hour per o F at 68o F annealed 5 Inches per inch x 10-6 from 68 o F to 572 o F 6 Reference specification for strip 7 Ultimate tensile strength x 1000 P.S.I. 8 0.2 offset yield strength x 1000 P.S.I. Yield strengths are not used or accepted as specifications by brass mills but because of their usefulness values are given here for design purpose. 9 elongation in 2. Elongation values vary considerably with thickness. The rolled temper data given are base on thicknesses ranging from .010 to .035 strip. 10 Approximate Vickers hardness - HV unless otherwise specified. 11 Standard heat treatment 2 hrs. at 600o F 3 hrs. 600o F for annealed temper 12 Standard heat treatment 2 hrs. at 700o F 2 hrs. 675o F for TS04 NOTE The properties on these charts are provided for reference only. HIGH-PERFORMANCE MATERIALS Materion Technical Materials is the worlds leading resource for cladding electroplating solder coating and other specialty strip products. We offer the widest range of reel-to-reel technologies and alloys for demanding high-performance applications. Since its founding in 1968 the Technical Materials business has continued to pioneer state-of-the-art metal processing of more than 200 alloys including ferrous non-ferrous refractory and precious metals. Today we offer a wide range of technologies designed to produce the tightest tolerances available anywhere. Our products provide solutions to tomorrows ever-changing product design challenges serving markets including telecommunications computer medical automotive aircraft fuel cells and solar energy. Steels Aluminum Zinc Nickel Nickel Alloys Refractory Metals Low Expansion Alloys Copper High Copper Beryllium Copper Brass Bronze Precious Metal Alloys Solders Brazing Alloys Galvanic Corrosion Chart Alloy Compatibility 2 7 10 11 12 14 16 Not Your Average Hardness Values Chart CONTENTS CAPABIL STRIP PRO Precision Toleranc Special Tempers Stretch Bend Leve