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Corporate Social Responsibility

Good corporate citizenship and a commitment to the environment, people and our communities are important elements of our Vision, Mission and Values at Materion.

Materion supports the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact. We conduct our business activities in accordance with these values. We also expect our business partners and suppliers to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with principles expressed in this Policy.

The core of our business ethics is “doing the right thing”. This fundamental principle is what drives Materion to be a socially responsible business that meets the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. We are committed to:

  • Producing materials that enable technologies to provide a safer and more sustainable environment.
  • Designing, manufacturing and distributing products in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Respecting and protecting human rights wherever we operate.
  • Embracing a set of values where we partner in the betterment of our communities.
  • Maintaining the highest standards of health, safety and security.
  • Continuously promoting fair dealing and respect towards our customers, shareholders, employees, business partners and communities.

Human Rights

We believe that respect for basic human rights and dignity is foundational. We are committed to ensuring equal opportunity employment and we will always abide by all fair labor practices. We comply with all applicable laws relating to working hours and wages, as well as child labor, involuntary servitude and human trafficking. We prohibit the use of child or forced labor in any of our global operations or facilities. We do not tolerate any form of unacceptable treatment of workers in our operations or facilities, including discrimination based on ethnicity, exploitation of children and physical, verbal or emotional abuse. We fully respect all applicable laws establishing a minimum age for employment, in order to support the effective abolition of child labor worldwide.

Materion also promotes basic human rights and dignity in its supply chain Materion’s Supplier Code of Conduct specifically forbids the use of involuntary or forced labor, including unlawful child labor, and requires that suppliers comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding slavery and human trafficking. For additional information concerning this topic, please refer to the Materion Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement.

For additional information concerning this topic, please refer to the Materion Human Rights Policy .

Protecting People and the Environment

Materion recognizes the need to protect people and the environment. Keeping our environment clean and unpolluted is a benefit to all. We are committed to environmentally sound business practices such as recycling, conserving energy, supporting wildlife communities and using environmentally friendly technologies.

Product stewardship plays an important role at Materion. The safe use and handling of our products is a vital aspect of our responsibility as a good corporate citizen. Materion is committed to fully comply with all applicable product safety, occupational safety and health, and environmental laws and regulations. We endeavor to be environmentally responsible when designing, manufacturing and distributing our products. For the benefit of our fellow employees, we strive to minimize, to the lowest feasible level, exposure to potentially hazardous materials.

Materion fosters an inclusive work environment that reflects the diversity of the communities where we operate. We take steps to ensure that we don’t risk the health and safety of our employees and community and that we avoid harming the lives of local and indigenous people. We have a duty to continually assess and improve our processes in order to protect the environment and the communities in which we live. We set a good example to the rest of our industry by ensuring that we always meet—or exceed—all applicable laws and regulations.

For additional information concerning this topic, please refer to the Materion Environmental, Health and Safety Policy and Principles.

Providing Support to Our Communities

Materion supports community investment and educational programs. For example, Materion provides support to local education programs, nonprofit organizations or movements to promote cultural and economic development of global and local communities. Materion also provides donations to advance the arts, education and community events and provide assistance and relief to those in need.

Materion also encourages employees to volunteer, where possible. Employees can volunteer through programs organized internally or externally. In addition, Materion may sponsor volunteering events from other organizations as well.