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A Message From our President and Chief Executive Officer

For more than 90 years, Materion has helped our customers meet their greatest science and technology challenges. Our ability to deliver on our mission is rooted, in part, to our strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices towards our customers, our employees, and our communities. A critical pillar of our sustainable, long-term growth is the need to ensure that our organization’s governance and operations are fully aligned with environmentally and socially responsible practices. The practices we consider most material to our business and corporate responsibility are the success and development of our people, ensuring privacy and data security and integrity, and responsibly managing our environmental footprint.

Our Commitment

Strong governance, ethical operations and upholding compliance standards are fundamental to our global organization's continued advancement. Safeguarding the privacy and data of all our customers, employees and stakeholders is also a top priority that we take very seriously. Materion maintains strong information security measures and is committed to keeping individuals’ personal data secure, using such data properly, and enabling individuals to exercise their privacy rights.

Our People

Materion’s values and corporate culture define who we are, how we act, and what we believe is our responsibility to conducting business. And our diverse employee base, who embodies our culture, is the driving force behind our success. Making sure they have a safe work environment and the proper training ensures everyone can go home safely after their day is done. Investing in our employees' professional development, tuition reimbursement, diversity programs, expanded training, and certification opportunities helps us to attract and retain talent and earn our recognition as a great place to work.

Our Operations

Recognizing environmental risks, Materion consistently strives to lessen our impact on the environment. It is in that spirit that Materion endeavors to integrate a variety of sustainability-based initiatives, from more efficient use of energy and materials to educating our employees on how to better serve as stewards of the planet. We also expect the same ethical standards from our supplier base and regularly review that global standards are being adhered to.

Making a Difference

Making a difference is very important to all of us and those we serve. It is reflected in our purpose and how we live our values. Those values help us make the right decisions whether we are talking about financial performance or supporting our communities. At the core of our commitments is Materion’s long-standing legacy of sustaining the highest possible business ethics in the pursuit and performance of our business objectives.

Our ESG journey is built into our DNA as we remain ever vigilant, which means a great deal to us and those we serve. To our customers, it means we are committed to their success. To our stakeholders, it means we deliver performance and accountability. To our employees, it means we are never complacent. These are the principles that define our corporate culture and who we are.

To that end, we will continue to take care of our employees, customers and support the communities in which we work and live. We are excited by the progress we have made to our ESG program and look forward to continuously improving our program, raising the bar for our company and our industry.


Jugal Vijayvargiya
President and Chief Executive Officer

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