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Our advanced materials make the world better, enabling technologies to provide a safer, more sustainable future. Although you don’t usually see our products, they can be found in the products you use every day.


Materion produces crucial parts for portable ultrasonic transducers that help identify the severity of COVID-19 disease in immunosuppressed patients. Materion provides:

Precious Metal Sputtering Target

  • Gold sputter targets used in the manufacture of ultrasound transducers. These portable ultrasonic transducer systems can be taken directly to patient hospital rooms, thereby minimizing patient movement through treatment facilities and reducing potential exposure to other patients and medical personnel to COVID-19.
  • Beryllium is used in x-ray imaging machines that have helped doctors detect and treat early forms of cancer and other diseases in hundreds of thousands of people.


PCR Optical Filters

  • Human eyes can only pick up a small segment of the wavelength spectrum. In some industries, such as medicine, high intensity wavelength are used. These can be damaging to the human eye. Materion Balzers Optics manufactures filters, catering to these applications. Our filters provide safe light blocking in accordance with the applicable standards. We can even ensure protection against laser systems with high energy outputs.



As the EV industry grows, engineers are constantly seeking ways to enhance technology and improve overall performance of EV components and related products. Materion’s innovative hybrid and electric vehicle battery materials offer solutions to address the difficult design challenges faced by customers in the automotive market. Materion provides:

Dovetail Clad Precision Strip

  • Side-by-side copper-aluminum clad material, called Dovetail Clad® metal, which completely eliminates the challenge of joining copper and aluminum during laser welding to create a robust battery cell-to-cell connection. When used to connect cells in a battery pack, this material is longer lasting, the joints are stronger and it offers lower electrical impedance and corresponding performance improvements over prior materials.
  • iON EV clad for electric vehicle charger connections. iON EV clad is a proprietary silver-based alloy that combines the reliable qualities of each metal to create a drop-in replacement for pure silver. This highly conductive clad material enhances the contact surface’s friction characteristics and enables it to withstand the high current environment of direct current (DC) fast chargers for electric vehicles. These fast chargers are becoming more popular as EV ownership continues to grow, with the total number in use expected to increase by five times by 2025.


For decades, Materion has manufactured beryllium metals that are essential for the most advanced technologies in the world, including space structures such as the James Webb Space Telescope, X-ray and imaging equipment, military aircraft, defense systems and more. Beryllium offers the unique benefits of being a third lighter than aluminum and 50% stiffer than steel and it is part of many of the things we rely on each day to make our lives better. Materion provides:

  • Beryllium that is used in a wide range of applications including products such as communications infrastructure and devices, kitchen and laundry appliances, home temperature controls, and your car, among others. Click the following links for more information on the many uses and benefits of beryllium and on Materion beryllium products, high-Performance Materials, and technical ceramics.


Automatic sprinkler systems have to work when they’re needed—but an accidental activation can cause devastating damage. To prevent an unintentional fire sprinkler activation, the pressure retaining components used in a fire sprinkler system must resist corrosion and stress relaxation for the lifetime of the sprinkler. Water pressure retention in fire sprinkler systems depends on a single dime-sized Belleville washer. Materion provides:

  • Alloy 360 nickel beryllium strip for use in fire suppression systems. Nickel beryllium is required to be used in the United States for Belleville washers in fire sprinkler systems because they provide an ideal solution to withstand the challenging conditions and ultimately prevent an accidental activation of fire suppression systems.


Beryllium X-ray AssemblyMaterion’s beryllium products provide superior performance and reliability when used in medical technologies. Our beryllium materials offer a unique property set that is ideal for use in medical X-ray and imaging applications – high strength, low density, high stiffness, high-temperature tolerance and low mass absorption coefficient – which means that it is highly transmissive, or transparent, to X-rays. Materion provides:

  • High-quality beryllium X-ray foil for use in x-ray tubes and window assemblies in a range of medical X-ray and imaging equipment. Beryllium foil offers all the attributes of beryllium and is durable enough to stand up to the high temperatures of x-ray tubes while producing clear images and is therefore a critical component included in equipment such as CT imaging devices.