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Our Regulatory Affairs and Product Stewardship Program

We have an established and comprehensive regulatory affairs and product stewardship program with the goal of minimizing the potential environmental, health and safety risks to our employees, customers and communities associated with the products we produce and place on the market.

Our Regulatory Affairs and Product Stewardship department leads our efforts to maintain compliance with global product requirements. Product stewardship assessments and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) authoring identify potential health and safety issues as well as the global compliance requirements. We are committed to developing and communicating appropriate product labeling and other product safety literature to ensure that those who manufacture, transport, store or use our products are prepared to handle the materials safely. Much of this information is available in our Environmental Health and Safety section.

Our commitment to product stewardship extends to our engagement with others in the industries we serve. We continue to actively engage with organizations that promote the safe use and handling of our products including the Beryllium Science and Technology Association (BeST) as well as other industry associations around the world. These engagements provide opportunities to further understand regulatory issues, promote collaboration on the expansion of health and safety information, and help ensure the long-term sustainability of our products.

Our Regulatory Affairs and Product Stewardship professionals provide customers with the product safety information, guidance and compliance support needed to ensure our products can be used safely in the wide range of industries, applications and geographies. Our efforts focus on furthering the understanding of regulatory issues, promoting collaboration on the expansion of health and safety information, and helping ensure the long-term sustainability of our products. As a part of continuous improvement, we have also initiated a software project to streamline the distribution of our Safety Data Sheets to customers across the globe.


Requirements for Product and Service Information and Labeling

The Regulatory Affairs and Product Stewardship group is responsible for the authoring of the Safety Data Sheet and hazard communication labels for Materion products. We utilize an authoring software (3E Generate) which allows the creation of the data sheets in the proper country formats, applying the specific national GHS rules and languages. We utilize information generated in the data sheets for the creation of hazard communication labels. Our Safety Data Sheet and labels address the safe use, storage, and disposal of our products. Materion maintains a contract with CHEMTREC to receive urgent product safety and transportation emergency calls, accessible 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.