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We acknowledge and accept our responsibility to respect the local, regional and national environmental laws and regulations established to preserve the natural environment and are committed to 100% compliance with all permits and licenses issued to our facilities.


Materion tracks overall environmental compliance performance using the Environmental Reportable Incident Rate (ERIR) metric. In 2022, Materion significantly lower Environmental non-conformances than the prior two years. We attribute this improvement to proactive actions taken post-pandemic including enhancement of employee training efforts and the strengthening of environmental compliance tools. Materion fully investigates all environmental incidents to identify root-causes, disseminates findings, and deploys corrective actions across the organization. Materion anticipates reaching performance at or better than pre-pandemic levels as we further enhance our management communications, foster our employee culture, and continue our on-going deployment of the ISO 14001 certified environmental management system across all Materion operating facilities.