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The generation, management and disposal of solid wastes from our operations has the potential to impact the public health and environment in our local communities. We are therefore committed to minimizing the generation of solid wastes from our operations and to safely manage these solid wastes using a hierarchy of environmentally sound management practices, including ISO 14001 and Lean Sigma. We also believe that finding alternative uses for waste materials and byproducts presents the greatest opportunities to minimize the impact of these wastes and to further contribute to a circular economy.

Materion globally utilizes Lean Manufacturing principles to identify projects and actions that minimize waste through actions and initiatives that maximize process yields and efficiencies. Examples of waste management and reduction projects preformed in 2022 included scrap reduction and recycling, edge loss minimization, equipment upgrades and process efficiency optimization. We also have programs in place to actively reuse shipping materials, including pallets and coil spools.

Once generated, many of our waste streams, including metal and alloy scrap or off-spec product, contain high-value mineral or metal content are recycled into our processes. Additionally, Materion also seeks to recycle chemical and waste streams generated in our manufacturing processes including oils, antifreeze, refrigerants, lighting, batteries, electronic waste, and office waste.

The 2020 - 2022 company wide Waste Generation, Recycling, and Disposal data is provided in the following table.





Our operations also include the Materion bertrandite ore mine located near Delta, Utah, which has been producing beryllium feedstock since 1968.

The mine process results in the generation of high volumes of overburden or waste rock to expose subsurface ore for extraction. Displaced waste rock is managed in a responsible manner including through a formal reclamation program. The quantity of waste rock produced per year can vary depending on mine activities. 2022 marks our first year of waste rock reporting, which is summarized below.





At Materion, we pride ourselves on our product stewardship. With more than 100 years of experience in precious metal refining and recycling, Materion offers rare earth and precious metal recycling and reclamation services that help our customers compete in today’s competitive business environment, where advanced materials recycling is increasingly more important in the supply chain. In fact, we offer two of the largest and most efficient state-of-the-art chemical and electrolytic refineries designed to handle our customers’ precious metal and other valuable scrap from production waste streams.  For example, at our Buffalo facility in 2022 at least 55% of our gold input originated from post-consumer scrap.


Our material recycling and reclamation services capabilities include: