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Water is a natural resource which is essential to life and a healthy environment. Water is also an essential raw material in our manufacturing processes, and we are committed to the responsible consumption and management of this important resource. Therefore, we seek to conserve water across our operations and to discharge wastewater that is properly treated to meet regulatory requirements and avoid degradation to the surrounding environment.

Materion continues to identify and implement efficiency and other water use reduction improvement opportunities. As an example, Materion facilities reduced water usage by over 60,500 cubic meters (m3) per year through the installation of new equipment and improvements in processes and procedures. Materion continues to assess water usage and the results of this assessment will be used to focus our planning and implementation on those operations and activities that provide the greatest potential for water use reductions and/or optimization.


Water use was relatively flat and showed improvement on an intensity basis in 2021 versus 2020. The 2019 - 2021 companywide Water Use data is provided in the following table.