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Water is a natural resource which is essential to life and a healthy environment. Water is also an essential raw material in our manufacturing processes, and we are committed to the responsible consumption and management of this important resource. Therefore, we seek to conserve water across our operations and manage water and wastewater responsibly. In 2022, this was evidenced by our Lincoln, RI site recognized by the Narragansett Bay Commission with their Perfect Compliance Award.

Materion continues to identify and implement efficiency management and other water use reduction improvement opportunities. Projects undertaken in 2022 included multiple water usage reduction initiatives and equipment and process improvements. Materion also performed a water-usage reduction assessment at two of our largest water consuming facilities and will deploy the learnings and strategies for improvement across the organization.


Starting in 2022, Materion began assessing water consumption from locations classifiable as meeting "high" or "extremely-high" baseline water stress criteria as defined by the World Resource Institute. The assessment concluded that approximately 48% of our water withdrawals occur from stressed areas, with majority of this consumption from the Delta, Utah ore Milling facility. This information will be utilized to prioritize water reduction efforts and initiatives in future.


Absolute water usage and intensity decreased in 2022 versus 2021, which has been attributed to water reduction initiatives as well as improved water accountancy. The 2019 - 2022 companywide Water Use data is provided in the following table.