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Our approach to stakeholder engagement focuses on proactively seeking and fostering strong and impactful relationships to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. We regularly consult with all our internal and external stakeholders on their advice, feedback, and priorities to inform our programs and refine our focus on the most material issues.


At Materion, we strive to make positive contributions in the communities where we work and live, and to provide opportunities for our employees to get involved with the charitable organizations we support. Our global corporate philanthropy focuses on:

  • Humanitarian endeavors supporting organizations that combat illness, hunger, poverty, and homelessness
  • Investing in innovative educational programs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM K-12)


Materion Delta Utah Book Drive

We support active investment and participation in our extended communities through volunteerism, sponsorships and collaboration with organizations that meet community needs in areas such as education, health and human services and the environment.  While financial support provides a lifeline to many philanthropic organizations, the donation of time and expertise can also be valuable. Fundraising and volunteering are values infused throughout our employee population who are encouraged and celebrated for working with a wide variety of organizations including: American Cancer Society, United Way, Boys and Girl Scouts of America, and Cleveland Clinic.

VET Memorial Day Volunteers

Materion’s employees have a long history of demonstrating generosity. Our employees show compassion to help communities in need, whether through a food drive, a holiday giving program, or by donating their time volunteering or sharing their expertise.

We are very proud of our employees’ passion for giving back.