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At Materion, we believe that diversity and an inclusive culture are key to innovation, workplace vitality, and making a difference for our business and our customers. Our approach is to celebrate diversity, with a focus on diverse representation, and as leaders, holding ourselves accountable for fostering an environment in which all employees can grow. We also know that diversity without inclusion is insufficient. To engage our workforce requires openness, equality of opportunity, and the ability of our employees to “bring their whole self to work.”

As part of creating a positive and dynamic global work environment where all employees feel valued, we regularly track and report internally on key talent metrics including turnover, workforce demographics, diverse representation in leadership and professional roles, critical role pipelines, succession readiness, and diversity hires. We have positively advanced our representation of diverse talent in the C-Suite, among senior leaders and in the professional ranks.  

We have also instituted a Diversity & Inclusion (D & I) Council as well as four Employee Resource Groups (“ERG’s”) - Company-sponsored groups of employees that support and promote the shared interests of employees and the Company. We support our ERG leaders with opportunities for leadership development training. 

Our ERG's impact Materion by providing input into business strategy as well as offering education and community service opportunities for employees to network, develop and grow together in a supportive environment. Our ERG’s include:

  • ELEVATE (women)
  • V.E.T.S. (veterans and allies of the military)
  • United Voices of Materion (all ethnic backgrounds).
  • BeYou (LGBTQ+)

Recently, our APAC region hosted a variety of cross-cultural understanding workshops, and in 2022, we also added three new site-based leaders to the Diversity & Inclusion Council.

As we look ahead, through discussion and education, we plan to cultivate an environment in which all ideas are welcomed, and where employees feel comfortable and empowered to speak up and participate in constructive conversations around issues related to D & I.