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At Materion, we deeply value diversity and recognize that an inclusive culture drives innovation, workplace vitality, and positive impact for our business, customers, and communities. We understand that diversity alone is insufficient; true engagement requires an environment of openness, equal opportunities, and the ability for employees to bring their authentic selves to work.

Our approach is to celebrate diversity, prioritize diverse representation, and hold ourselves accountable as leaders for fostering an inclusive environment where all employees can thrive. To support these goals, we actively monitor the diversity of our workforce as well as the diversity within our leadership, ensuring that we create pathways for diverse candidates to advance their careers and assume leadership positions across the company.

Materion remains committed to enhancing the representation of diverse talent across all levels, including the Board, C-Suite, senior leadership, and the broader workforce. Our goal is to cultivate a positive and dynamic global work environment where every employee feels valued and included. To ensure accountability and progress, we regularly track and report on key talent metrics such as turnover, critical role talent pipelines, succession readiness, performance management, and diversity hires.

By actively pursuing diversity and closely monitoring these metrics, we strive to create an inclusive workplace that embraces the unique contributions of individuals. Our dedication to fostering diversity extends beyond representation, as we continually work towards building a culture that promotes equality and empowerment for all.

Materion is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion throughout our organization. To drive these efforts, we have established a dedicated Diversity & Inclusion Council alongside four Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). In 2022, we expanded the Diversity & Inclusion Council by appointing three new site-based leaders, further enhancing our diversity initiatives. In 2023, our focus is on expanding the reach of our ERGs, which are company-sponsored groups that facilitate support and promote shared interests among employees and the company as a whole. We provide leadership development training to support our ERG leaders in their roles.

Our ERGs play a pivotal role in influencing business strategy, offering educational opportunities, and engaging in community service initiatives. They create platforms for employees to network, develop, and grow in a supportive environment. Our ERGs include:

- ELEVATE (women)

- V.E.T.S. (veterans and allies of the military)

- United Voices of Materion (all ethnic backgrounds)

- BeYou (LGBTQ+)

Looking ahead, we are committed to cultivating an inclusive environment where all ideas are welcomed and employees feel empowered to express themselves and actively participate in constructive conversations. In 2023, we are focusing on building a strong foundation for diversity and inclusion by implementing comprehensive training programs and facilitating D & I dialogue across the company.