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The Materion business management system requires the design, manufacture and distribution of our products be accomplished through a continuous improvement process that is committed to protecting the environment and providing for the safety and health of employees, customers, visitors and the general public.

This commitment to people and the environment is a value that cannot be compromised. No job we do or service we perform is so urgent that we cannot take the time to perform each aspect of the job in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. The Materion business management system commits each employee to comply with all applicable legal requirements, follow established procedures, prevent pollution, conserve energy, minimize waste and promote recycling.

Executive management ensures the sustainability of this policy as part of its annual business planning and review process and the line organization has functional ownership in order to drive employee involvement at all levels toward the achievement of documented, clearly defined and measurable goals and objectives. This policy is shared with employees, the public, our vendors and customers.


The following environmental, health and safety principles are ingrained into every aspect of our operations and our daily work.

Each employee is committed to be a proactive steward of the environment, work safely and promote the safe use of our products. The goal of our safety culture is the elimination of accidents, injuries, health impacts and environmental harms at work and to encourage safety at home, not just as an objective, but as the way we conduct daily business. Emissions to air, water and earth are properly controlled for the protection of people and to prevent pollution of the environment.

We believe that incidents, injuries and illnesses are preventable. We utilize a disciplined environmental, health and safety management system to protect people and the environment. We seek to identify the environmental aspects of our activities, products and services to determine if they can result in significant health, safety or environmental impacts.

Management is responsible for integrating these environmental, health and safety principles into daily work activities and for diligently responding to employee, community and customer concerns. The line organization has functional ownership and drives employee involvement at all levels.

Each employee is responsible for maintaining an awareness of work practices and preventing conditions that may result in an unsafe situation or harm the environment. It is the responsibility of each employee to promptly notify management of any unsafe or harmful condition. Procedural compliance and the use of safe work methods and practices are expected at all times.

We conduct business in compliance with applicable environmental, health and safety laws, regulations and Materion standards.

We work to continually improve our environmental, health and safety performance and consider the expectations of interested parties by incorporating environmental, health and safety considerations and objectives into business plans and decisions, research and development and product stewardship. Our culture drives continuous improvement by establishing measurable targets and goals.

We utilize measurements and accountabilities for monitoring and documenting performance towards goals, overseeing improvements and maintaining the effectiveness of our environmental, health and safety systems.

We identify and prepare for unexpected emergencies and do not become complacent to everyday risks and challenges.