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Innovation and continuous improvement have been integral to the success of our Company since its founding nearly 100 years ago. Our people drive our business, which is why we engage with all our key internal stakeholders through multiple mechanisms:Materion Meeting

  • Global Employees: Feedback is continually captured through our Employee Communications Inbox and Materion Ethics and Integrity Hotline. In 2021, our employees participated in a company-wide engagement survey, and in 2022, people managers across the company were engaged in our response. In 2023, Materion will hold a follow-up survey.
  • Company Leadership: Our senior leadership team regularly reviews progress towards our ESG efforts alongside other key business priorities.
  • Board of Directors: Our Board receives regular updates on progress towards our ESG efforts.


We monitor and address customer feedback and questions, and we take customer expectations into account as we refine our ESG efforts.


We work with our suppliers to help us achieve success in our ESG efforts, including identifying innovative solutions through our strategic sourcing initiatives.


We participate in trade associations and industry forums to address environmental and social issues, including driving policy agendas that contribute to positive change.


Our Regulatory Affairs team engages with policymakers on ESG-related issues.


We regularly meet with our investor and analyst communities to discuss our progress towards our goals, and we provide ESG information in our public filings and in response to select ESG questionnaires and ratings indices.