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As a leader in supplying quality specialty optical coating materials to support the entire photonic spectrum (UV-IR), Materion Advanced Materials is looking forward to sponsoring the Technical Conference at SPIE Laser Damage on September 23-26, 2018, at the Boulder Millennium Hotel in Boulder, Colorado.

SPIE Laser Damage, in its 50th year, is the premier conference where scientists and engineers collaborate and present research of high-power and high-energy lasers, materials, thin films, durability, testing, and component fabrication. The conference, also known as the Symposium on Optical Materials for High Power Lasers, offers attendees and international researchers an opportunity to exchange information on the physics and technology of materials for lasers.

Materion Advanced Materials will be sponsoring the Technical Conference. Be sure to stop by and speak with an expert from our Optics team and learn about our broad range of thin film deposition materials, including evaporation materials and inorganic chemicals. Materion Advanced Materials offers the broadest range of materials and forms including: fluorides, oxides, sulfides, silicides, precious & non-precious metals, e-beam pre-melted shaped sources, sputtering targets and multiple types of granules. We also customize materials to satisfy unique customer requirements.