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2019 International Workshop on Beryllium Technology (BeWS-14) 2019


This year’s 14th International Workshop on Beryllium Technology (BeWS-14) is co-sponsored by Materion and organized under the auspices of the IEA Technology Collaboration Program on Fusion Materials (FM TCP).  The event is being held on the historic Queen Mary on October 24th and 25th in Long Beach, California.  

High purity beryllium, made by Materion, has been utilized for nuclear reactor components for over 50 years.  The development of nuclear fusion as a method of power generation has been a lofty goal of the nuclear community for many years.  The ITER fusion reactor being built in France will lead us closer to that goal.  For the ITER reactor, Materion’s beryllium grade S-65 has been the baseline material for use as First Wall tiles.  

Visit Materion at this intimate event, where professional staff will be making presentations with a focus on the US beryllium industry and beryllium industrial hygiene. 

For more info on our beryllium, learn more about this incredible metal.