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Gold Sputter Target

In the fight against COVID-19 our Buffalo, New York, facility is proving to be essential to our customers in this historic time of need. Materion’s Electronic Materials team produces crucial parts for a manufacturer of portable ultrasonic transducers that help identify the severity of the disease in immunosuppressed patients worldwide.


The transducers are connected to a tablet or cell phone and used in conjunction with a simple app to generate complete images inside the body. A medical technician will apply the transducer to a targeted area of the body, moving it around and changing the angle to get a full view. Our valued customer has always had demand from many parts of the world for these products due to their low cost, but now the demand in the U.S. is even higher because the ultrasound system can be taken directly into patients’ rooms. Patients do not need to move through the hospital to get their ultrasounds done, which could put other patients and medical personnel at risk of contracting COVID-19. Its compact size allows the device to be used anywhere a mobile device will fit which is a far cry from outdated technology used in larger ultrasound machines.


This valued customer has been doing business with Materion for more than 10 years, ordering primarily Gold Sputter Targets to make the ultrasound transducers. The Gold and Palladium (PD)/Argentum (AG) targets are used to sputter raw materials inside these transducers. The Electronic Materials team has contributed to this product excellence, and we are so proud of the consistent and high quality work the Materion team in Buffalo is doing.

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