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Download the Advanced Sucker Rod Coupling Material White Paper 

Advanced-Sucker-Rod-Coupling-Material-Materion-White-PaperSince 2016, 35 operators have installed sucker rod couplings made of ToughMet® 3 TS95 alloy in more than 1000 oil wells located in the Bakken and Permian Basin to mitigate failures caused by coupling-on-tubing wear. In addition to fewer costly workovers, engineers monitoring these wells reported unanticipated performance and well efficiency improvements. To quantify the additional benefits, several operators ran field trials specifically to assess the improvements in well performance after the installation of ToughMet couplings.

These field test results are striking. The following improvements were noted:

• Oil production increased 12.6% on average
• Downhole stroke increased 16% on average
• Pump fillage increased 6.4% on average
• Peak polished rod load decreased 13.1% on average
• Gearbox loading decreased 12.5% on average
• System efficiency increased by 20.6% on average

All of the wells used to develop the results are still operating with ToughMet couplings and performance data continues to be added to this study.

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