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eStainless Whitepaper


The demands for mobile processing continue to grow, with consumers wanting their mobile devices to have the computing power of a laptop or desktop. Phones and tablets are too small to be cooled with a fan, yet the accumulation of heat poses a threat to key electronic components and may also cause discomfort to users. In order to pack more processing power into cell phones, engineers need better ways to keep the devices cool.

In this white paper you will:

  • be introduced to a new material called eStainless®,
  • learn how this composite is a 2-for-1 structural and thermal management solution,
  • discover the compatibility of this material to a broad range of consumer electronics applications.

With eStainless®, electronics manufacturers have the ability to add more functionality and components to their products, allowing mobile devices to compute at ever increasing performance levels. Download this valuable white paper today to learn the benefits achieved with this innovative new material.