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Low Angle Shift Coating Whitepaper


Precision interference filters play a critical function in time of flight and illuminated structured light-based 3D systems.  By applying new design techniques and the use of novel material sets, Materion Precision Optics has developed a filter with a very low shift in performance over large angles of incidence. Our proprietary technology maximizes system performance and has found a wide range of applications within the consumer electronics, space, medical, automotive and defense markets.

In this whitepaper you will:

  • learn how low angel shift coatings increase the effectiveness of band pass filters over large angles
  • be introduced to applications with LED technology
  • discover how this technology can enable applications in gesture control and 3D devices

Forward-thinking technologists and engineers can pioneer the next phase of consumer electronics. The technology is available, and consumers around the world are waiting for the electronics industry to make the right connections. Download this valuable whitepaper to get started today.