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Materion Corporation is made up of nine business units.

  1. Targets Stack

    Advanced Materials Group

    Specialty materials for thin film deposition, microelectronic packaging products and inorganic chemicals.

  2. AMC Thumb

    Aerospace Metal Composites

    Manufacturer of High Performance Metal Matrix Composites and Alloys.

  3. beryllium composites

    Beryllium & Composites

    Global producer of beryllium-based metals and metal matrix composites.

  1. ceramics


    Global leader in high-performance BeO technical ceramics and Al2O3 engineered ceramics.

  2. electrofusion


    Focused on beryllium x-ray windows, ultra high vacuum ( UHV ) components and Truextent acoustic solutions.

  3. large area coatings

    Large Area Coatings

    Specializing in flexible sputtered thin films that provide consistent electrical and optical properties.

  1. performance alloys

    Performance Alloys

    One of the world's leading suppliers of high-performance alloys.

  2. BARR thumbnail

    Precision Optics

    Largest manufacturers of precision thin film coatings and optical filters.

  3. technical materials

    Technical Materials

    The world’s leading resource for customized, high-performance specialty strip metal products.