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Silver Copper (AgCu) Braze Alloys

We keep it together! Metals & Alloys for Superior Joining of Microelectronic Devices

Sensitive microelectronic devices rely on metals and alloys that are free of contamination to ultimately ensure optimal performance. Materion produces silver copper (72Ag, 28Cu) braze and other solder alloys for high temperature joining of microelectronic devices. Our “ultra clean” braze alloys contain base metals free of contamination that produce joints of high integrity and strength. Materion holds a wide range of braze and solder alloys that are available in a variety of customized shapes and forms including ribbon, wire, preforms and powders. Our alloying experts will partner with you to recommend the best solder and braze alloys to fit your specific needs.

Available Products:


  • Extensive tooling library with 5000+ stamped preforms & cover lids
  • Support for most configurations, applications & volume requirements
  • Specialized precious metal alloys to complement all solder applications
  • Lead-free braze materials
  • Gold & silver alloys providing excellent corrosion resistance
  • Variety of alloys offering superior thermal & electrical conductivity
  • Wide range of melting temperatures deliver consistent performance
  • Support in selecting optical product or assistance fabricating new design
  • WAMBRAZE™ with impurity levels below 100 ppm