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Fully assembled air cavity package with copper flange

Materion CA-Packs™ are a new alternative to conventional air cavity packages for Si LDMOS and GaN RF power transistors. Our unique pre-assembled packages are convenient and cost effective, saving our customers both time and resources. CA-Packs™ are suitable for the wireless infrastructure market.

Featuring frame and leads bonded into a header assembly that is compatible with AuSn die attach at 320°C or nanosilver die attach.

  • Compatible with copper flanges and exotic flange materials
  • Compatible with ear'd and earless flanges
  • Available in the same designs as standard brazed ceramic packages
  • Available in sizes larger than our standard CuPacks™

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You can trust our expertise in producing air cavity packages. Our engineers want to be your partner of choice and identify best cost solutions for your packaging needs.

  • Lower prices than conventional brazed ceramic packages 
  • Unmetallized frames enable shorter lead times and reduce manufacturing complexity
  • Copper flanges provide better thermal  performance than CuW or CPC flanges
  • Matching Epo-Lids™ available