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Microelectronic Packaging - We’ve Got You Covered!

Materion’s Combo-Lids™ are the leading choice for hermetic microelectronic packages

To ensure optimal performance and reliability, sensitive electronics must be adequately protected by secure packaging. Materion’s hermetic Combo-Lids™ are necessary for semiconductor, MEMS, medical or optical applications to shield devices from moisture. Our unique patented Combo-Lids™ can function in the harshest service environments.

The base metal of our high performance Combo-Lids™ is Kovar™ or Alloy 42, which is plated with nickel and gold flash, and tack-welded to a solder preform, usually AuSn eutectic. The nickel layer promotes solderability while the precious metal (gold) layer inhibits corrosion, ensuring a clean particulate-free surface.  Tack-welding the solder preform to the lid conveniently aligns the solder to the perimeter of the lid, simplifying handling and reducing part count.  Therefore, hermetic Combo-Lids™ offer a best-cost solution.

When it comes to microelectronic packaging, our product line encompasses a full range of lids that can be customized to your specific application. Other available lids include:

View our lid application comparison chart and contact us for more information.