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Gold Sputtering Targets

High purity gold sputerring targets and other deposition materials 

Our gold (Au) sputtering targets are conflict-free and are available in various forms and sizes. Materion’s broad line of high purity physical vapor deposition (PVD) materials and services can resolve concerns for uniformity, reproducibility, purity, homogeneity and other challenges.

Capabilities & Key Technologies include:

  • Custom purity levels up to 5N, low particulation sputtering targets
  • Proprietary designs that extend the life of the target
  • Manufacturing technology: patented VCT™ (Vibration Cast Technology) for fine grained targets
  • R&D team to help identify and customize optimal alloy compositions
  • Relationships with OEMs to optimize coating performance and facilitate support
  • 300mm sputtering targets

Related Products & Services include:

  • Precious metal & non-precious metal targets
  • Standard and custom exotic alloys
  • Targets with customized chemistries
  • Refining & recycling services
  • Custom sizes, planar and rotary Targets
  • Extended life designs
  • Ion Beam Deposition Targets