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Materion is meeting the higher quality demands of the next generation of MEMS devices!

For increased performance and functionality, future PVD materials will be required to have higher purities than those currently available. They will also need to be highly engineered to industry's exacting film characteristics and uniformities. Materion offers customized PVD alloys with superior deposition properties, high purity & cleanliness.

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With our expertise in semiconductor & thin film materials, we are leaders in supplying precious metals and high purity alloyed PVD materials to the MEMS industry.

Sputtering Targets 

  • Available in precious & non-precious metals and custom alloys
  • Customized chemistries such as PZT
  • Magnetic materials
  • Forms include custom size planar & rotary targets
  • Enhanced target designs extend life & reduce ownership cost
  • Support all OEM platforms

Evaporation Materials

  • Available in precious & non-precious metals and custom alloys
  • EVAPro™ grade high performance materials
  • Customizable purity levels up to 5N
  • Forms include pellets, slugs, starter chargers & more

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