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Materion Aerospace Metal Composites is now known as Materion UK Limited. It is a leading manufacturer of high performance metal matrix composites and specialty alloys which have a proven track record in a wide range of demanding applications. Our composites and alloys are made with our high-quality powder metallurgy processing which produces more refined the microstructures that enhance mechanical properties.

SupremEX® metal matrix composites (MMCs) are made up of an ultrafine silicon-carbide reinforcement with aerospace aluminum alloy. These materials excel in all types of applications that require light weight, stiff, high strength materials. SupremEX MMC provides structural integrity and improved thermal performance for aerospace components, automotive powertrain and structural components and structures for space & defense applications. 

AMC® 4632 Alloy is an aluminum silicon alloy that provides a range of improved properties for automotive applications, including pistons, as well as aerospace applications. AMC 4632 alloy is an ideal replacement for conventional aluminum alloys.

SupremEX MMC is available as billet, forgings, extrusion and machined components. Materion UK Limited has the capability and experience to confirm material quality through mechanical and non-destructive test techniques. Learn more about the technologies and the services we offer for these products. 

Our manufacturing and technology center is located in Farnborough, Hampshire, UK.  The facility is currently operated with a quality ISO9001:2015 registration.

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