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Powder Metallurgy Processing

SupremEX® metal matrix composites are powder metal products which utilize high energy mixing (mechanical alloying) to produce high performance, high quality, fully consolidated metal matrix composites and alloys. We are able to utilize this technology with standard particulate sizes and new and emerging nano sized particles to produce new high performance products.

High Energy Mixing (Mechanical Alloying)

Materion Aerospace Metal Composites has developed a proprietary high energy mixing process to produce metal matrix composites with an even distribution of reinforcement particles while maintaining the purity of the matrix alloy.  

Direct Powder Technologies (Near Net Shape HIP)

We can provide our products in Near Net Shaped powder metal products utilizing shaped Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) cans which closely represent the final component to reduce the material input which results in cost savings for the material and downstream finish machining.

Bulk and Precision Forging

We can provide open or closed die bulk forged products, including forged flat plates and precision forgings to customers requirements utilizing our 1,000 ton hydraulic forge.  

Heat Treatment

We have the ability to perform very specific heat treatments based on the end use requirements.