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PRI Magazine AdAre you looking for technology that will be winning races next year?  When you’re pushing the limits and every second counts, you need critical components made from performance metal composites and alloys manufactured by Materion Aerospace Metal Composites (formerly AMC).  Our high performance materials offer an unmatched combination of strength, stiffness and fatigue performance in a wide range of applications. 

Our Materion Aerospace Metal Composites experts will be at the 25th Annual Performance Racing Industry Trade Show in Orlando, November 29 - December 1, 2012 at the Orange County Convention Center in West Building Booth #1756. Please stop by and see how our line of materials can help your team shave seconds off your time.


AMC217XE-Silicon Carbide Particle-Reinforced Aluminum (AA2124) Alloy (17% by volume SiC) offers a high tensile modulus, good strength and fatigue strengths well in excess of high performance aluminum alloys while retaining good ductility and formability.

AMC225XE – Silicon Carbide Particle-Reinforced Aerospace Grade AA2124 Aluminum Alloy (reinforced with 25% ultra-fine SiC) offers a high tensile modulus (approximately 60% higher than the parent alloy), good strength, excellent fatigue—suited for applications demanding a good balance of properties.

AMC640XA – Silicon Carbide Particle-Reinforced AA6061 Aluminum Alloy (reinforced with 40% by volume SiC), offers an extremely high tensile modulus (nearly double that of the parent alloy), good static and fatigue strength well in excess of high performance aluminum alloys, while retaining reasonable ductility. 

AMC4632 – High Quality Hyper-Eutectic AA4032 Aluminum Silicon Alloy, low density material offering high tensile modulus (approximately 15% higher than AA4032), good strength and excellent fatigue resistance at ambient and elevated temperatures. 


Weight & Cost Savings

Especially when compared to Titanium and Steel 

High Stability Structures

From outstanding stiffness to weight ratio (60% stiffer than aluminum) 

Long Life & Good Reliability

High Static and Fatigue Strength

Robust Systems

Low Friction and Outstanding Wear Resistance

Precision Parts

Excellent Dimensional and Thermal Stability

Fine Finish

Highly Machinable to Quality Finish and Tolerances

Cost Engineering

Readily Processed and Finished using Conventional Techniques and Facilities

Isotropic Properties

Conventional Metallic Design Practices


A wide range of Product Forms and Size


Ask about how Materion can assist with your applications  
“Our Suspension Uprights using AMC225XE and AMC4632 are running well and we are really glad with the performance. The material is very stable.”

Of all the materials tested, AMC225EX T4 was the material of first choice based on RB fatigue and tensile testing for our Outlet Guide Vanes”

 “AMC640XA is a high stability material used in our Defense Optics that is both machinable and lightweight.”

“The level of detail and finish on our Hydraulic Housings was only possible with Materion Aerospace Metal Composites’ AMC225XE material.”

“Love our Motorcycle Connecting Rods. The AMC225XE material offers us a dramatic weight saving with lower friction. The material reduced vibration while allowing increased power and rpm.”

“Our F1 Brake Calipers manufactured using AMC225XE lasted 5 racing seasons, an unprecedented life for this application.”

“Thread Cutting Xfine225 “we cut the threads with conventional tools and great finish.”

”The fatigue performance of AMC225XE at 200oC to 350oC allows us increased F1 Piston life and improved engine performance.”

“Aerospace Hydraulic Systems using AMC217XE and AMC225XE offer outstanding fatigue performance allows operations at high pressure without cost or weight penalty associated with titanium or steel parts.”

“AMC225XE gave our Indy Cylinder Liners a longer life, with fewer rebuilds, lower inventory and reduced costs.”

“AMC640XA offered the thermal stability to allow our Space Instruments Adiabatic Refrigeration Unit to operate at close to absolute zero.”

High Speed Manufacturing Equipment using AMC225XE allowed us to increase our operating speed by 50%. It has a good life in a very aggressive wear environment.

AMC225XE for Gear Selectors “operates in a wear environment that normally means we have to use hardened steel”

Brake Calipers using AMC225XE saved 1 second per lap

Materion Aerospace Metal Composites should be very proud the Xfine225 material is a huge advancement for metal matrix composites in regards to Valve Spring Retainers mating component wear.”


Forging - We have forging partners in US, UK and Germany.
Machining - We have machining partners in Canada, France, Italy and UK. 

The three biggest business days in racing are the show dates for the PERFORMANCE RACING INDUSTRY TRADE SHOW, which annually attracts 38,000 members of the racing industry from 72 countries. This worldwide industry gathering takes place in Orlando, November 29 - December 1, 2012. While at the show, please stop by Booth 1756 and talk to Materion Aerospace Metal Composites’ team of experts. It will save you seconds!