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Materion Ceramics helps the world achieve more with beryllium oxide (BeO) — more product strength, more reliability, more miniaturization, more weight savings and more thermal management. Materion Ceramics also provides high purity alumina for customized, demanding applications.

Beryllium Oxide (Beryllia)

Thermal conductivity second only to diamond and superior performance at high temperatures has created a market demand for beryllium oxide (BeO) ceramic, or beryllia. No other material can economically deliver the same performance and reliability demanded by today’s high-tech products and systems. And nobody knows beryllia like the experts at Materion Ceramics.

Materion Ceramics has been working with BeO for decades, helping manufacturers and researchers discover new ways to make better products and components. Over the years, beryllia has proven to be a valuable material component in many industries, often resulting in the advancement of technology. In the 1970s, it was the enabling material that resulted in the invention of the electronic ignition, which made cars and trucks vastly more fuel-efficient and significantly less harsh on the environment. Forty years later, beryllium ceramic is used to control and focus the laser energy used in medical eye surgery.

The materials scientists, chemists, physicists, engineers and staff at Materion ceramics have helped manufacturers to use beryllia to make advancements in missile guidance systems, transmitters for radio frequency applications, MRI machines and medical lasers, industrial laser metal-cutting and marking equipment and long-range fiber optic transmission. In the energy industry, Materion Ceramics also works with oil and gas exploration equipment manufacturers to build in situ X-ray analysis for down-hole drilling, and power amplifiers and drivers.

Aluminum Oxide (Alumina)

Materion’s offerings in alumina ceramics meet the demands of niche applications for high purity materials. When tolerances are tight, specifications are demanding, the application is critical, or your quantities are typically less than 100,000 pieces per year, Materion Ceramics is your choice for alumina supply.

Materion Ceramics has a more than 45 year history of supplying precision components and assemblies and managing the beryllia supply chain while working safely with beryllium and alumina.

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