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Materion provides designers and manufacturers with advanced ceramics that enable breakthrough performance of new technologies. Materion is the leader in beryllium oxide (BeO), which can add reliability, enable miniaturization, offer weight savings and disperse heat more evenly than other ceramic materials.  Materion also offers high purity aluminum oxide (Al2O3) ceramics, excellent for high strength, high temperature and chemical resistance, and electrically insulation.



For decades, Materion Ceramics has been working with beryllium oxide (BeO) also known as beryllia, assisting manufacturers and researchers to find new ways to improve components and products. BeO offers thermal conductivity that can exceed 325 W/(m•K) and superior performance at high temperatures.

Beryllium oxide is also known for the following key attributes:

  • High electrical resistivity
  • High metallizing capability
  • Low dielectric constant
  • Low neutron absorption

We understand that fast material delivery is important to your business, which is why we have reduced the lead time for ordering large BeO substrates. The material we have available can be shipped to you right away and typical quantities of materials that are not in stock can be delivered within just four to five weeks.

Today, Materion Ceramics helps manufacturers to make advancements in missile guidance systems, RF/Microwave applications, high power electronics, medical lasers, long-range fiber optic transmission, and industrial laser metal-cutting / marking equipment. 

Read more in the case study on BeO Ceramics in Laser Diodes.

For the energy industry, BeO’s high X-ray transparency is crucial for oil and gas exploration equipment manufacturers to build in situ X-ray analysis for down-hole drilling.

Learn more about our BeO product offerings.


Materion produces high-quality alumina ceramics (Al2O3) that can meet the demands of niche applications for high purity materials. Alumina is one of the most frequently used ceramics and it offers high temperature stability, low thermal expansion, corrosion resistance and optimum wear resistance. When tolerances are tight, specifications are demanding, the application is critical, or your quantities are typically less than 100,000 to 1 million pieces per year, Materion Ceramics is your choice for alumina supply.

Learn more about our high-purity Durox® alumina ceramics.


As the world’s only fully integrated supplier of beryllium oxide ceramics, our products are of consistently high quality with full supply control from mine to finished product. Services we provide include provision of parts to customer prints, engineering assistance for value and performance maximization, firing blanks in a range of geometries (rod, plate or extruded), machining, metalized components, and recycling of BeO ceramics.

For more on how BeO or Al2O3 ceramics can improve the performance of your next application, contact our engineers.