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Materion Ceramics is a global supplier of beryllium oxide (BeO) & alumina (Al2O3) technical ceramics that improve thermal conductivity in advanced microprocessor, laser and electronics manufacturing.


For more than 45 years, Materion Ceramics has been managing the beryllia supply chain for some of the most innovative products and systems around the world. Part of Materion Corporation, Materion Ceramics does it all, from mining to recycling, with world-class engineering services that ensure our customers are working safely, and have the support they need to get the job done.

Medical Beryllium Ceramic Applications

Materion Ceramics engineers beryllia ceramic (beryllium oxide or BeO) components for global manufacturers that produce high-performance products. The unique properties of beryllia make it the material of choice for critical components requiring superior performance at high temperatures. We also produce Durox®, our alumina ceramic (aluminum oxide or Al2O3) for higher strength and hardness. We serve a wide range of markets including: medical, lasers, semiconductor handling equipment, energy, military and aerospace, wireless communications, and RF/microwave.


 Beryllium Ceramics in Semiconductor Applications

Within the global electronics market, beryllia ceramics' exceptional combination of properties is greatly superior to aluminum nitride. In fact, Materion beryllia ceramics offer:

  • Superior Thermal Conductivity
  • Competitive Pricing
  • More Consistent Heat Dissipation
  • Better Uniformity of Crystalline Structure
  • Easy and Effective Metallization
  • More Durable in Semiconductor Chamber Cleaning Solutions


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