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Welcome to the Beryllium Oxide Information Page.

Whether you are an Engineer, Product Manager or Operations professional, we have a variety of documents and resources you will find to be instructive and interesting.

• Technical Information
• Regulations Related to Beryllium Oxide (RoHS, REACH, WEEE etc.)
• Health & Safety Information
• Interactive Guide To Working Safely with Beryllium (for manufacturers)
• General Information Websites (Includes Resources for Teachers)


Technical Information
A variety of technical information on beryllium oxide ceramic

 Ceramics Material Matrix
Matrix presenting physical, mechanical and electrical properties of our beryllium oxide and aluminum oxide ceramic grades.

 BW3250 Beryllium Oxide Datasheet
Datasheet for BW3250 beryllium oxide material with a thermal conductivity of 325 W/mK.

 BeO Design Guide
Beryllium Oxide Design Guide.

 BeO Thermal Management Solutions Guide
Ceramics thermal management solutions guide.

Regulations Related to Beryllium Oxide

FAQ311 REACH and Beryllium Oxide
FAQ311 REACH regulations in the EU and EEA do not impact the use of beryllium oxide.

FAQ211 Restrictions on Beryllium
FAQ211 Beryllium oxide is not restricted by RoHS, and other regulations, nor JIG developed by the CEA, DIGITALEUROPE and the JGPSSI.

Health & Safety Information

MSDS C10 Beryllium Oxide Ceramic
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for beryllium oxide ceramic.

MSDS C11 Metallized Beryllium Oxide Ceramic
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for metalized beryllium oxide ceramic.

FAQ201 Beryllium and Cancer
FAQ201  Information regarding beryllium and cancer, including studies conducted as recently as 2009.

FAQ309 Beryllium Oxide Ceramic and Skin Contact
FAQ309  Information regarding skin contact with beryllium oxide.

FAQ208 Beryllium and CBD
FAQ208  Information regarding beryllium and Chronic Beryllium Disease (CBD).

Interactive Guide To Working Safely with Beryllium (for manufacturers)
Materion beryllium oxide is delivered as prefabricated components, which eliminates or greatly reduces the safety precautions required.

Working Safely With Beryllium Interactive Website
This interactive Website provides employers and employees with guidance to working safely with beryllium and beryllium-containing materials.
A CDROM version can also be requested at the Website.

General Information Websites Website
Explore the history and uses of beryllium in a variety of applications.  Includes resources for teachers preparing lessons on metals in general and beryllium in particular. Website
The Beryllium Science and Technology Association (BeST) website.  Based in Brussels, BeST is a non-profit organization representing the suppliers of beryllium in the EU market. Includes a large library of articles and studies relating to Health and Safety.