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When your next product innovation requires a material that combines high thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity, beryllium oxide (BeO) ceramics are the smart choice. This cost-effective advanced ceramic offers a desirable combination of properties not found in other ceramic materials – not even aluminum nitride (AlN). BeO is ideal for applications requiring large heat dissipation along with dielectric and mechanical strength. As a dielectric material, BeO is an excellent ceramic for electronics and microprocessor manufacturing.


Beryllium oxide is a superb material for RF power transistor packages, laser components, power electronics, microwave tubes, terminations, and resistors, wireless communication and applications in the energy industry. Specific attributes of BeO include:

  • Up to 80 percent more thermally conductivity than AlN. Materion’s BW3250 grade has a minimum TC of 325 W/m·K at room temperature
  • Best electrically insulative, isotropic thermal conductor, next to diamond
  • Uniform crystalline structure and consistent heat dissipation
  • Stable up to 1100°C in moisture-rich and oxygen-containing environments

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