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Materion Electrofusion is the leading supplier of high-purity beryllium foil, x-ray window assemblies, ultra-high vacuum (UHV) chambers and Truextent® acoustic beryllium speaker domes and cones.


Beryllium beam pipes from Materion enable the most advanced research in the world, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC). 

Our beryllium beam pipes offer many favorable properties for high-energy physics experiments in ultra-high vacuum environments.

 Beryllium Beam Pipe

For Materion's beam pipe contribution to the LHC, CERN presented Materion with the CMS Crystal award for companies that have made significant contributions to the LHC upgrade. 

Our engineers have also worked to co-author research with CERN scientists on “The Development of Beryllium Vacuum Chamber Technology for the LHC”.


Materion BeXTruextent® genuine acoustic beryllium creates the low density, high speed-of-sound and extremely stiff components demanded by audiophiles who don't compromise. Learn more about Truextent beryllium.


Materion ChamberWith the capabilities to produce long beam pipes for use in particle accelerators, large-diameter UHV chambers or tiny, precision discs less than 3mm in diameter, we can customize UHV solutions for your application. Learn more about our UHV products.


Materion Beryllium XRay TubeThe high transmissivity and durable characteristics of beryllium make it ideal for x-ray source tubes. It will not corrode over time, maintaining strong mechanical integrity. Learn about our X-ray window assemblies. Beryllium will not corrode over time and maintains strong mechanical integrity. Read a case study that highlights how beryllium improves medical imaging.

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