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We build the highest quality materials and components for loudspeakers, headphones, X-ray systems, Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) chambers and advanced research facilities. The common bond is beryllium.

Materion, founded in 1931, has nearly a century of expertise processing beryllium from ore into foil, a material form capable of improving the performance of a range of technical equipment. The Fremont, California facility offers electron beam welding, vacuum furnace brazing and engineering services to create precision components with beryllium sheet and foils.

We serve a broad range of customers – from high-energy physics researchers to OEM device and equipment manufacturers, they rely on us to make high purity foils and assemblies.

Read more about Materion’s reliable X-ray window assemblies in our case study with Varex Imaging Corp.



Materion Electrofusion works with a range of customers from scientific research facilities to OEMs to deliver higher performance; examples include:

  • X-ray window assemblies made with the highest purity beryllium foil. In analytical applications, this eliminates spurious element signatures.  Medical X-ray systems – particularly for mammography –equipped with artifact-free beryllium provide higher resolution imagery, minimizing the possibility of false positives.  Further, high-purity beryllium allows for superior imaging with lower X-ray “dose”, minimizing patient exposure to X-rays. View information on our X-ray window assemblies and beryllium foil grades.
  • Beryllium components fabricated for CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Materion regularly supplies extremely long beryllium beam pipes (up to 7.8 meters / 25.5 feet) and other parts, such as tiny beryllium discs (3mm in diameter). Materion’s consistent, technological boundary-pushing performance was recognized by CERN’s awarding Materion its CMS Crystal Award for supplier excellence. Learn more about our components for research.
  • Beryllium materials for manufacturing loudspeaker and headphone domes, cones and compression driver diaphragms. Beryllium is ideal for audio because it is lighter than aluminum and stiffer than titanium with superior damping characteristics to prevent ringing. Industry leading high-end consumer and professional audio brands depend on Materion for to give them an edge in the market with Truextent® acoustic materials.  


Our Fremont, California facility offers vacuum furnace brazing; electron beam welding; fabrication involving exotic metals and engineering design assistance.

Looking for a specific beryllium foil  or UHV CF flange?  It could be available as part of our regularly updated Excess Inventory.

For more about our cutting-edge materials or customized products, contact our team.