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Materion Electrofusion is the leading supplier of high-purity beryllium foil, x-ray window assemblies, ultra-high vacuum (UHV) chambers and Truextent® acoustic beryllium speaker domes and cones.


For applications demanding custom design, high reliability and top quality fabrication, your dependable, beryllium foil source is Materion Electrofusion.

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Materion Electrofusion is the leading supplier of high-purity beryllium foil products, including flat and formed foils for x-ray tubes and detectors; x-ray window assemblies with and without metallic target coatings; ultra-high vacuum UHV chambers, as well as CF flange assemblies and beam pipes for high-energy research.

Beryllium offers unmatched properties when we form it into acoustic domes and cones for the loudspeakers or headphones.


Materion Beryllium XRay TubeThe high transmissivity and durable characteristics of beryllium make it the material of choice for x-ray source tubes. Learn about our X-ray window assemblies. Beryllium will not corrode over time and maintains strong mechanical integrity. Beryllium can improve medical imaging results - read more in the case study.


Materion BeXTruextent genuine acoustic beryllium from Materion Electrofusion is the ideal option for creating the low density, high speed-of-sound and extremely stiff acoustic components needed for audiophiles who don't compromise. Learn more about Truextent beryllium from Materion Electrofusion.


Materion ChamberWe build everything from extremely long beam pipes for use in particle accelerators, to large-diameter UHV chambers, to tiny, precision discs less than 3mm in diameter. Understand more about what our UHV applications can do for you.

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