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Rapid Prototyping Program For X-Ray Window Assemblies

Time-to-market is critical in every market segment, and you need supply chain partners that are nimble enough to support your development programs.

Materion Electrofusion has Engineering and Operations resources available to quickly produce prototype quantities of your window assemblies.

 - Go to market faster with 2-4 week turnaround on prototype quantities
 - Reduce the cost of your project -- pricing is based on production volumes
 - Faster proof of concept allows you to finalize your design more quickly

Call us today at +1 510.623.1500, or e-mail us to discuss your project today. We are here to support you with:

Beryllium Foil From Materion Electrofusion

We maintain an extensive inventory of high-purity beryllium foils.  The foil gauges range from 8µm (0.0003") to 6.35mm (0.250") and purities ranging from 98.5% for our PS-200® grade, to 99.8% for our IF-1® grade.

Engineering Support Available at Materion Electrofusion

Engineering Support
Our team of Project Engineers are available to assist with your design and ease of manufacturability.  Your rapid prototype project will be managed through a single point of contact who will be responsible for successfully delivering your prototypes, and who then will work with you for subsequent pilot and production runs.

Manufacturing at Materion Electrofusion

Our 40,000 ft2 facility in Fremont, California is capable of complete turnkey fabrication using the following operations:

 - Environmentally Controlled Beryllium Processing
 - CNC Mill and Lathe Machining
 - Laser Cutting
 - Waterjet Cutting
 - Beryllium Hot-Forming
 - Vacuum Furnace Joining
 - RF Joining
 - Electron Beam Welding
 - Protective Coatings Application
 - XRF Inspection
 - UHV Helium Leak Detection

Specialty services such as precision gun drilling, coating of X-Ray target metals, and metallization of BeO ceramic windows are performed either by other Materion business units, or vendors with whom we have strategic partnerships.

Call us today at +1 510.623.1500, or email us to discuss your project today.

Please note that metallic coatings will add an additional 2-4 weeks.  Extremely complex designs or certain frame materials may increase delivery time.  All projects subject to manufacturing capacity considerations and order acceptance.