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Distortion-free speaker domes & cones extend high frequencies

Nothing produces clearer sounding speakers than pure beryllium acoustic cones and domes. When compared to other commercially available materials, Truextent genuine beryllium domes and cones offer significant advantages in tweeter and midrange loudspeakers and compression drivers. 

Genuine acoustic beryllium offers the highest stiffness-to-density ratio of all commercial driver materials. As a result, direct radiator and compression driver assemblies have lower overall mass which improves responsiveness while maintaining rigidity over a wider range of frequencies. It all adds up to clearer, virtually distortion-free sound reproduction. Truextent beryllium cones and domes can be formed for headphone drivers and can be used for beryllium domes for twetters in high-end loudspeaker and consumer audio systems.


In the video below, watch a laser scan of Truextent beryllium domes compared to aluminum and titanium domes.

Truextent genuine beryllium is made using a proprietary rolling process that results in a unique grain structure with more uniform thickness than particle vapor deposited beryllium cones or domes.


Truextent-Speaker-Domes-and-Cones-Beryllium Truextent beryllium speaker domes small size

When used to make domes and cones, Truextent acoustic beryllium offers speaker manufacturers and audio designers significant sound reproduction advantages:

  • Minimizes mechanical deformation under stress due to beryllium’s extreme stiffness

  • Drastically reduces the ringing and distortion often heard from traditional metal cone speakers due to its superior damping

  • Reaches at least an extra octave of usable, non-resonant high-frequency energy which enhances of high-resolution recordings for tweeter speakers

  • Lower mass increases loudspeaker efficiency

  • Increases durability of speaker domes compared to other beryllium acoustic materials

  • Custom fabricated cones for various sizes and custom geometries

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