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TF-25™ is a new proprietary acoustic material from Materion that delivers superior performance over current materials.  Available at a price point lower than our Truextent Genuine Beryllium material, our new TF-25 material has been developed to satisfy the demand for premium performance at a reduced cost.

Although the best way to compare materials is by listening, it is possible to "visualize" the clarity of sound using a 3D waterfall plot.  Also known as a Cumulative Spectral Decay plot, these diagrams render a 3D representation of a material's response to a single impulse.  These plots allow one to visualize ringing or harmonic distortions that are present within the material.

Truextent has built up a series of compression driver diaphragm assemblies with ø4" voice coils using different materials and tested them in a JBL 2446 motor so we could compare the performance of just the dome material without having to consider differences in construction, geometry or motor efficiency.  Testing was done in the Truextent lab using a Klippel R&D System.

 Truextent TF-25 Waterfall Plot

In these plots, we compare the new Truextent TF-25 dome to a titanium dome.  Note the tall "ridges" of the titanium at approximately 3kHz, 10kHz and 12kHz that extend beyond the 5ms point versus the TF-25 dome.


 Truextent TF-25 Waterfall Plot

Here we compare the new Truextent TF-25 dome to an aluminum dome.  The aluminum exhibits less ringing (ridges) than the titanium dome, but still is not as nice as the Truextent TF-25 dome.


 Truextent TF-25 Waterfall PlotTruextent Genuine Beryllium 

Finally, we compare the new Truextent TF-25 dome to one made from Truextent Genuine Beryllium.  As expected, the Genuine Beryllium dome out-performs the TF-25 dome.

To find out more about our new TF-25 material, please contact us via e-mail, or call us at +1 510.623.1500 and ask for Andy Lewis or any of the Truextent sales team.