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Materion is a trusted global provider of high-performing thin film solutions and unparalleled service to organizations within the life science industry. By providing leading-edge coating technologies, Materion helps innovators within this space develop products that improve the quality of people’s lives.

For more than 20 years, technological advancements in the coating industry and a commitment to total customer service have been the driving forces of our business. Today, we specialize in the manufacture of precision-coated materials through the process of sputtering, which is a method of applying thin layers of inorganic materials onto flexible polymeric films. With every order shipped, Materion is committed to the creation of high quality product that meets the precise specifications of our customers. Our diverse, high-technology production and development facilities incorporate precision sputtering and converting machines located in three ISO Class 7 clean rooms that enable the production of precision slit sputtered films. 


Materion Large Area Coatings was founded in 1995 as Techni-Met, LLC. Materion acquired Techni-Met in 2008, thereby creating a single source of expertise for thin film materials and coating processes. Through other Materion businesses, we are able to offer one-stop solutions for custom materials and precious metal refining services, reducing time and cost to market for our customers.

Today, Materion is a dynamic company that works to create viable solutions for our customers’ sputter deposition requirements on projects of all sizes. Our expertise extends to R&D, manufacturing and quality control. Anticipating our customers’ needs, we develop custom equipment and innovative processes that produce consistent and reliable results. 

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