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ToughMet® Sucker Rod Couplings Change the Game 

The game-changing, proven technology of ToughMet 3 Sucker Rod Couplings provides the most cost-effective solution for eliminating production interruptions caused by sucker rod coupling and production tubing failures in deviated shale wells.

Almost half of the failures in these wells are related to either tubing or sucker rod coupling failures, caused primarily by wear damage resulting from threaded couplings contacting the inner tube wall. The costs of working over wells run into the hundreds of millions of dollars per year. In Hess Corporation Bakken wells, the new ToughMet Sucker Rod Couplings tripled well run times and significantly cut workover costs by tens of thousands of dollars per well, per year.

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Watch our video about the performance of couplings that were tested in the Bakken by Hess Corporation.


ToughMet® 3 TS 95 Alloy Engineered for Couplings

ToughMet 3 alloy was engineered specifically for use in the oilfield and has more than 20 years’ successful use in directional drilling tools and other oilfield equipment components. For the sucker rod couplings, we developed a new ToughMet TS 95 temper that offers:

  • Increased fatigue strength
  • Increased fracture toughness

ToughMet 3 Sucker Rod Couplings resist mechanical wear, thread damage, corrosion and erosion. They are non-galling to steel, so they do not damage production tubing, and they retain their strength even at elevated temperatures.

ToughMet® 3 TS 95 Properties for threaded couplings:

  • > 95 ksi tensile yield strength
  •  65 ksi fatigue limit
  •  30 ft-lb Charpy Impact Energy
  •  Resistant to chloride SCC, pitting and crevice corrosion
  • Resistant to erosion, HE, SSC and general corrosion (including in mildly sour wells)

 To learn more about ToughMet TS 95 properties, download our datasheet or contact our Engineering team to answer your questions.