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Machining Recommendations for ToughMet® Rod, Tube, and Plate

Machining & DrillingMaterion’s ToughMet Alloys offer materials to meet the high production demands of the manufacturing industry. These alloys provide a unique combination of strength and thermal conductivity. Its benefits for the machining process include:

  • Shorter cycle time
  • Improved part quality

The unique property combination of ToughMet alloys has been proven to provide reliability and resist corrosion in critical metal components, making it the right choice for products in specific environments.

Compared to other alloys, Nickel-based alloys are usually much stronger at metal cutting temperatures. That means machining with rigid machines is important for the best results.

ToughMet alloys can be machined at extremely high surface speeds with carbide tools. Shops equipped with high speed machines with sufficient horsepower can remove large amounts of material in short periods of time.

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