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Materion Barr Precision Optics and Thin Film Technology is a world leader in thin film technology. Our optical thin film coatings enable advances in space, science, astronomy, defense, medical, energy, gas sensing, flame detection, thermal imaging, automotive and consumer products. 

Edward Barr founded Barr Associates over 40 years ago with a mission of helping customers optimize their performance and cost goals through heavy interaction and involvement with the customers. Since then, Barr Associates has grown to include Williams Advanced Materials, Thin Film Technology (TFT) and EIS Optics, offering our customers a combined 125 years of thin film experience.  Our portfolio of products and services includes:

  • Over 100 coating chambers that produce a wide variety of  custom precision optical filters in volume or smaller batches
  • Engineered thin film services to apply precision coatings on optical and non-optical surfaces
  • Low-defect wafer level coatings on patterned and non-patterned wafers
  • Highly reflective, low loss coatings deposited on high-value substrates with extremely high yield
  • Ability to manufacture custom filters over the wavelength range of 0.2 microns to 50 microns
  • Breadth of technology includes four coating platforms
  • Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS)
  • Magnetron Sputtering
  • Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD)
  • Thermal Evaporation
  • Advanced photolithography capabilities for patterning thin films on planar, compound and large area substrates
  • Value added assembly services for precision optics and Visi-Lid™ hermetic optical cover lids 

We take great pride in our spirit of innovation and commitment to customer service.  Our talented team of technical professionals collaborates with our customers to develop new technologies that enable new products, delivering scalable solutions from prototype to production.

Materion: Leadership in Innovation