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We are a global leader in creating innovative, high performance engineered material solutions and services for a wide range of growth industries: Consumer Electronics, Telecommunications, Commercial Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Automotive, and many more. 

Simply stated, Materion makes advanced materials that improve the world.

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Materion Technical Materials | Lincoln, RI

The Materion Technical Materials facility in Lincoln, RI is home to over 170 employees working within many different fields of expertise, such as Accounting, Sales, Procurement, Engineering, Operations, Maintenance, IT, Quality, Product Development and more.

With hourly and salary positions available across several departments, we are constantly on the lookout for new talent to join our diverse community. Don't miss your opportunity to be on the forefront of global innovation!


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Open positions in Lincoln, RI as of 12/05/2017:

  1. Production Planner
  2. Leveling Machine Operator - 3rd Shift
  3. Slitter - 2nd Shift
  4. Rolling Mill Machine Operator - 1st Shift
  5. Field Sales Engineer
  6. Bonding Mill Machine Operator - 2nd Shift
  7. Industrial Machine Technician/Operator
  8. Machine Operator - Electron Beam Weld - 2nd Shift
  9. Product Development Manager



What does Materion make?

Materion is an advanced materials supplier, which makes answering the question “What does Materion make?” a bit complicated. Our materials make your world better by enabling technologies to provide a safer, more sustainable future. Although you usually can’t “see” our products, you do come in contact with them every day.

For instance, if you…

  • Fly on commercial airliners… Materion makes the metal alloys that keep the electrical connectors connected - regardless of vibrations, heat or extreme conditions. What’s more, their reliability allows aircraft to be serviceable for up to 40 years. 
  • Use a smart phone, computer, tablet or other electronic device… You know that reliability and performance are essential. We rely on our mobile devices and expect them to perform for us, 24/7. Enter Materion. A few atoms of our materials change the characteristics of semiconductors allowing them to work their magic with faster processing times –wherever and whenever we need them. 
  • Drive a car… Materion products are at work to get you to your destination safely. Our optics, alloys and clad metals can be found in your car’s auto navigation systems, automatic braking systems, front & rear cameras and other sensors.
  • Own a hybrid or electric vehicle, or have a pacemaker…Our extensive capabilities making clad and composite metals lets Materion provide customers with metals whose properties are distinctly suited for specific uses. Our unique combinations of different metals can be found in electric and hybrid cars, as well as medical implantable electronics, such as pacemakers.


Learn more about our business, community and culture by visiting the Materion YouTube channel.