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Materion is an Inclusive Workplace

At Materion, Diversity and Inclusion are more than something we strive for; we believe they are integral to fulfilling our business mission and strategy. We respect what makes each employee different, and we encourage diversity of thought at every level of the organization. We view diversity as a strength in how we innovate and improve as a company, and we believe that embracing differences fuels our innovation.

Be Yourself

Our goal is to foster a workplace where we unlock potential and where each employee can BE YOURSELF.

We encourage you to bring your whole self to work. Everyone’s life experiences offer unique perspectives that once shared, enable us to learn from one another and create stronger bonds to tackle problems together. While we may never know the struggles of everyone, when we listen and treat each other with dignity and respect, we all help to build an environment in which we can each be ourselves.

Diversity & Inclusion Council

Materion’s Diversity & Inclusion Council provides guidance, support and governance for D & I, and is responsible for fostering the beliefs, values and vision described in the Council’s mission statement:

Integral to the work of the Council are:

  1. Maintaining an inclusive workplace
  2. Building healthy communities
  3. Supporting our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Employee Resource Groups

Our growing network of volunteer-led Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) plays a key role in fostering an inclusive place to work. These groups which have formed around shared interests represent the heart of the Council and provide a forum for employees to share common concerns and experiences, gain professional development support and engage in local communities.

  • V.E.T. (Veteran Engagement Team) - focused on military veterans.
  • ELEVATE Women - focused on supporting career growth for women
  • United Voices of Materion (UVM) - focused on building community among people of color and employees of varied ethnicities and backgrounds.
  • LGBTQ+ - focused on building community among LGBTQ+ and their supporters.

Each ERG’s is open to any employee who desires to contribute to the work of the ERG. We encourage employees to join any one of them.

We believe that living our Diversity Mission and respecting and harnessing our differences are key elements in making Materion a great place to work.