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We support multiple industries including semiconductor, LED, inorganic chemicals, advanced memory, optical coatings and large area glass. Through Materion’s diverse group of scientists, engineers and technologists, gain access to comprehensive technical competencies that deliver customized products and services with best cost solutions.


Since 1931, our extensive experience in metallurgy, advanced chemicals and materials science equips us with technical expertise that cannot be replicated elsewhere.  Benefits include:

  • Extensive manufacturing capability for semiconductor packages, micro-electronic packaging materials and thin film hybrid circuits
  • Life cycle metals management from raw material to reclaim for reduced total cost of ownership
  • Inorganic chemicals spanning the entire periodic table
  • Strategically located facilities in North America, Asia and Europe
  • Superior quality PVD products include sputtering targets and evaporation materials in multitude of forms & configurations
  • R&D collaboration to develop and fabricate new products
  • Optical coating materials available in pre-melted evaporants for reduced cycle times & longer coating runs
  • ISO-accredited laboratories guaranteeing highest possible quality & purity
  • Vast family of hermetic lids from epoxy-coated ceramic to metal
  • Vertical integration for cost and speed advantages
  • Expert technical guidance and customer support


Materion Corporation encompasses a history rich in technical excellence. Incorporated as a public company in 2011(NYSE: MTRN), it combines the expertise and resources of Williams Advanced Materials, CERAC, Academy Corporation, OMC and Zentrix Technologies.

Under the Materion brand, Electronic Materials is focused on exceeding industry specific challenges for lower cost of ownership, speed and high reliability for applications ranging from LED, semiconductors, inorganic chemicals, advanced memory, optical coatings, large area glass, and aerospace and avionic components. We also offer related services to meet requirements for precision parts cleaning, precious and valuable metal reclamation and R&D.

Our commitment is to be our Customers’ First Choice through innovative solutions, responsive service and lean cost structure.