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We have listed a limited amount of shipping and safety information under each item to assist purchasers when ordering. Some or all of the following information is provided:


We have provided the registry number that uniquely identifies a chemical in the registry maintained by the Chemical Abstract Service of the American Chemical Society. This number is used to identify chemicals in government regulations and most chemical information services.


The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) requires all chemical shipments to be transported in accordance with regulations that include specific regulations regarding shipping documentation, marking, labeling, packaging, and emergency response information.  When a chemical has been designated as hazardous materials for the purposes of transportation in accordance with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), the proper shipping name, hazard class, ID number, and packing group assignment are indicated. NOTE: This information may be slightly different for shipments made in accordance with International Air Transport Association (IATA).


Materion Electronic Materials complies fully with the requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT) and recognizes its responsibility in providing for safe transport of chemicals. Generally, most of our shipments containing hazardous materials can be shipped by UPS or FedEx. For domestic US shipments, there are specific hazardous materials (mainly 6.1 and 4.3) that UPS and FedEx may require to be in packaged in a DOT Special Permit  (DOT-SP) packaging. If a DOT-SP packaging is needed per the carrier’s requirements, a fee will be added to the invoice. NOTE: UPS is the only air-freight carrier that adheres exclusively to DOT regulations. Materials shipped by air typically conform to the IATA regulations. Materion also reserves the right to apply DOT and IATA exceptions like ORM-D and small quantity exceptions in an effort to reduce freight costs and some of our hazardous products can be shipped by a truck line more economically than UPS or FedEx. We do not ship any of our chemicals with the U.S. Postal Service.


Pursuant to Title 49 CFR Part 107, Subpart G (107.601 - 107.620), Materion is required to file an annual registration statement with the U.S. Department of Transportation and to pay a fee.


List 1 chemicals, are subject to the chemical regulatory control provisions and civil and criminal sanctions of the Controlled Substance Act (CSA). As such, registration, recordkeeping, reporting, and import/export notification requirements apply. Materion holds registrations to import, export, and distribute Red Phosphorus.


All manufacturers, exporters, and brokers of defense articles, defense services, or related technical data, as defined on the United States Munitions List, are required to register with DDTC. Registration is primarily a means to provide the U.S. Government with necessary information on who is involved in certain manufacturing and exporting activities. Registration does not confer any export rights or privileges, but is a precondition for the issuance of any license or other approval for export. Materion's registration information is available upon request.


The products on this Site are subject to the United States Export Administration Laws and Regulations. Diversion of such materials contrary to United States law is prohibited.  You may not use or export any material within this Website in violation of the U.S. Department of Commerce Export Administration Regulations or other requirements of the U.S. Government regulating the export of such information. You agree that (i) you are not listed on the US Commerce Departments Table of Denial Orders, or otherwise denied the privilege of participating in transactions involving the export of US origin products and services; (ii) you are not located in a country that is subject to embargo by the United States; (iii) You are not engaged, directly or indirectly, in the design, development, production, stockpiling or use of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons or missiles: and (iv) you shall not knowingly export or re-export, (as defined in Part 779 of the Export Administration Regulations) directly or indirectly, to any country any of the information contained herein (or any product or technical data) without first having obtained all necessary approvals thereof.


If the order raises questions or uncertainties as to whether an export compliance concern exists, Materion will require clarification and/or additional end use/end user information. The order will remain on hold until Materion receives information to conclude that the transaction poses no risks. To the extent that the additionally requested information does not clearly indicate whether the order is free of export compliance concerns, Materion may require the end user to provide a signed resellers letter, end-use and/or end-user statement. Materion reserves the right to decline any order that may be contrary to US Export Regulations.