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The TSCA status of each chemical offered for sale by Materion Electronic Materials is identified for each item. (Toxic Substance Control Act, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency). "TSCA: Yes" will be present if Materion has confirmed that a chemical is on the TSCA Inventory. Otherwise, "TSCA: No" will appear.

Chemicals not identified as being on the TSCA Inventory will only be sold to purchasers in a position to comply with the research and development exemptions specified in 40 CFR Part 720.36 of the TSCA regulations. Prices listed for these items are for R&D quantities only. Commercial quantities will be quoted upon request.


Materion is licensed to possess and distribute radioactive materials by the State of Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services.  Materion will distribute general license quantities of source material only to domestic customers in a position to certify in writing compliance with applicable parts of 10CFR. 

Specific license quantities of source material will be sold only following the receipt by Materion of a copy of the license demonstrating authority to posses requested quantities.  Export Licenses will be obtained when necessary prior to distribution internationally.  Please check with local, state and national authorities in your area, as they may have additional jurisdiction over the use and handling of radioactive materials.

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