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Customized Thorium Fluoride for Special Applications

Materion pioneered and still maintains the highest capacity for reaction and melting of high grade Thorium Fluoride (ThF4) for optical coatings. While strictly adhering to Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) safety regulations, we are able to continue manufacturing this critical material to support global users in pursuit of the lowest absorption 10.6 um optics. In addition to providing non-radioactive low index material alternatives, Materion also developed and supports the high index coating materials that unlock the LWIR spectrum for science and defense.

Physical Properties

Molecular Weight: 308.03 g/mol

Melting Point: 1,110°C

Boiling Point: 1,680°C

Crystal Structure: Monoclinic, mS60

Available Forms and Sizes

Item # Chemical Formula Description Purity (TYP.) Cas #
123654 Thorium Fluoride ThF4 3-6 mm pcs 99.99 (premium grade, for high energy lasers) 13709-59-6
123655 Thorium Fluoride ThF4 1.7-3 mm pcs 99.99 (premium grade, for high energy lasers) 13709-59-6

More About Thorium Fluoride

Like YF3 and YbF3, ThF4 is an excellent low index material for designs in the IR region of the spectrum.
ThF4 can be paired with Ge, Si, ZnS and ZnSe coating materials and substrates for different IR applications.
Materion maintains extensive experience and controls from raw material to final product to ensure stable and reliable supply.
Best practices are recommended at all stages of use of thorium fluoride to keep in accord with evolving NRC and environmental regulations.
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