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eStainless coil

eStainless® is a thermally conductive replacement for conventional stainless steels that enhances heat spreading in electronic devices.  eStainless allows designers to use the device structure to disperse thermal loads, reducing costs by eliminating expensive heat spreaders such as graphite while simultaneously achieving improved heat spreading and cooler devices.

eStainless heat spreader

The key to the performance of eStainless is tapping into otherwise unused space in handheld devices.  By replacing the under-utilized core of steel components with highly conductive metals, eStainless harnesses bulk thermal conductivity to move thermal energy.  A fully formable clad laminate of stainless steel and aluminum, eStainless provides 80% the stiffness of a pure stainless steel but with 10x the bulk thermal conductivity.  Compared to the addition of micron-scale oriented graphite films, eStainless can reduce cost, thickness, and weight.  

Click here to see eStainless heat spreading in action.

 eStainless video image



Why use materials that only do one thing?  Materion's eStainless pulls double duty, enabling thin, stiff, structural members that also conduct heat to eliminate hot spots.  Reduce z-height and gain valuable internal space by designing with eStainless.

  • 40% lighter than Stainless Steel (4.3 g/cm3)
  • 10x more thermally conductive than Stainless Steel (160 W/m·K)
  • 2.5x stiffer than Aluminum (153 GPa)
  • Fully formable for high-volume stamping
  • Lower cost than graphite heat spreaders

eStainless offers immediate benefits for Structural Plates, EMI Shields, Chassis Components and even Cases in consumer electronics.  Contact our Engineers today to learn how eStainless can solve your thermal challenges.

For higher conductivity, Stainless-Copper is another proven composite solution for thermal management.

eStainless heat spreader
eStainless heat spreader