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At Materion Corporation, we are dedicated to providing advanced materials solutions that enable our customers’ technologies and long-term success. We serve a diverse set of markets, including semiconductorsconsumer electronics, defenseavionics, energy, and commercial aerospace.


Few environments are harsher than those encountered in aerospace applications. Materion offers a host of aerospace solutions that meet these challenges, including high performance alloys for commercial aerospace bushings and bearings and aerospace coatings for leading edge surfaces.


As appliances continue to incorporate ever more sophisticated electronics, they require more advanced materials. Our offering includes: Engineered Coating Development, Engineered Thin Films, Flexible Sputtered Films, Large Area Deposition, and Physical Vapor Deposition. Materion is providing a wide range of innovative materials and services to meet the industry’s needs—from high temperature nickel beryllium alloys to target materials and vacuum deposition chamber services.


Materion expert engineers and scientists are continually innovating to meet the needs of the Astronomy industry. We design precision components, precision thin film coatings and optical filters for ground based astronomy, space-based imaging, and space structures.


Safety, fuel efficiency, performance and connectivity: Materion products and components deliver on these key requirements for the automotive and racing market. From high performance alloys to sophisticated optical sensors, we are on the leading edge of this rapidly evolving market.


Materion high performance alloys are trusted by leading heavy equipment, construction, and mining companies to outperform other materials, even under the harshest of conditions.


Materion delivers solutions to enable many of the devices and technologies in the consumer electronics market today, including mobile phones, displays, data storage, and gaming. Our advanced materials help electronics designers push the limits of their applications and raise the bar on end-product quality and performance. 


Materion expert engineers and scientists are continually innovating to provide precision components and specialized materials for a wide variety of defense applications, including: Avionics, Optical Systems, Photonics Lasers, Thermal Imaging and Weapon Systems.


Materion is a leader in delivering innovative materials and processing technologies for energy applications including Batteries, Fuel Cells, Nuclear Test Reactors, Oil & Gas, Solar, and Thermography.


Materion is a leader in developing and commercializing materials to help meet the unique needs of manufacturing and industrial customers. Our materials are found in applications from plastic tooling alloys to x-ray equipment and process and control instrumentation.


Materion has materials engineering and product expertise for numerous medical and pharmaceutical applications, including Electronic Implantables, Life Science Instruments, Medical X-Ray, and Medical Coatings for glucose testing and biosensors.


Materion supports the Wireless Infrastructure markets with products and materials that provide reliability, durability, thermal management, high power transmission and magnetic isolation. Our high performance alloys are superior for Undersea and Marine telecommunications components.